Frustrated with cellulite? Get rid of unsightly dimples and lumpiness with BTL CELLUTONE


BTL Cellutone is a noninvasive cellulite reduction treatment that also improves the smoothness and firmness of your skin. Utilizing the unique power of targeted mechanical vibrations, Cellutone stimulates the skin structures at a precise depth to kickstart fat elimination and cellular repair. In fact, the vibrations reach so deeply that it can achieve more dramatic results in fewer sessions. But don’t worry — even though the treatment is intense, it’s quick and totally pain-free and requires no downtime.

Areas affected by cellulite have constricted blood flow and poor circulation. This leads to fat and waste accumulation which causes the lumps and bumps that cellulite is. Cellutone improves circulation and breaks down fat lumps, allowing the body to better flush away trapped fluids and waste as well as reduce the overall fat stored in the area.


A special handpiece is used to expose the desired area with targeted mechanical vibrations. These vibrations penetrate the skin’s layers at a precise depth to improve oxygen and microcirculation supply. By increasing the blood supply and circulation in the area, your body is better able to remove excess interstitial fluid that causes cellulite formation. You’ll get better lymphatic drainage and speed up the elimination of fat cells so you can have the smoother body you’ve always wanted.

You can get Cellutone in these areas:

  • abdomen
  • love handles
  • buttocks
  • thighs

Cellutone can be used on its own or to enhance the results of another treatment. You can also get more serious body contouring by having it done alongside another treatment, such as EMSCULPT Muscle Toning or CoolSculpting Fat Reduction. Imagine how great you’ll look!


You may be able to see an improvement after a single session. Most people need about 4-6 sessions to see their optimal results. These sessions are spaced over a couple of months. You won’t need to take any special medications or exercise and diet to see your results!

Right after each session, you may feel a bit itchy in the treated area. There may be some swelling, bruising, redness, and splotching, but nothing that will prevent you from dramatically changing your regular schedule.


Depending on your age, environment, and aesthetic goals, there is a lot of art and science that goes into designing an individual cosmetic plan. LuzMa Aesthetic works with you to develop your optimal approach to cosmetic treatments.

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